Our Branch

Choudhary Medical Clinic, 1st Floor, Parekh House, Gandhibagh, Nagpur - 2

arrowCritical care center
arrowEnergency Services
arrowIntensive Cardiac care Unit
arrowIntensive Respiratory care Unit
arrowMedical Nursing Home
arrowDay Care Center
arrowPathology 24 Hrs.(Collection Centre)
arrowDOTS Centre
arrowGeneral Surgery Services.(well equipped operation Theater)
arrowGeneral Medicine OPD
arrowPulmonology OPD
arrowCardiology OPD
arrowDiabetec OPD
arrowCancer OPD
arrowHIV OPD
arrowComputerized Pulmonary Function Test
arrowComputerized ECG & Stress Test
arrowComputerised polysomnography Sleep Lab with EEG
arrowX-Ray Portable
arrowUltra Sonography (Outsourced)
arrowPulse Oximeters/Nebulisers
arrowCPAP/BiPAP Non invasive1 Ventilation
arrowCentral Oxygenation
arrowOxygen Concentrators
arrowPrivate Rooms with attached toilet
arrow24 Hrs.Lift Services
arrowAll Faculties Services Available