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Choudhary Medical Clinic, 1st Floor, Parekh House, Gandhibagh, Nagpur - 2


Location :

Q Where is my hospital located?

SRCMHRC is located on the cement road the road from mahal gate towards uttkhana square. From Airport the distance is 12 KMs. From Gandhisagar Talav the distance is 1.5 kms and from Raman Science Center and Empress city mall approx 3.5 kms.

Appointments :

Q How do I schedule medical appointments?

You contact via telephone, fax, email or letter. Details are available at the Contact us section of this website. Alternatively, you can fill in the form available in the website .

Q When making a medical appointment what information must I provide ?

You must provide all relevant information on your medical condition, including scans, medical history, and current medication etc.If you have been referred to Apollo by a doctor in your home country, please carry the contact details of the doctor.

Q Without a referral from my local doctor, can I seek an appointment with a specialist?

Yes. You can contact us directly, with details of your medical history and treatment sought. Our Co-ordinators will recommend and also schedule an appointment, with an appropriate specialist.

Stay at Hospital :

Q Will someone guide me on the duration and cost of treatments?

Definitely. Once you have consulted the appropriate specialist, our Relationship Manager will give you a complete plan on the approximate length of stay at the hospitals and the total cost of the treatment, along with the necessary pre/post treatment care stay.

Q What Is Theprocedureofadmission?

The admission procedure is very brief and completely "hassle-free". The advice for admission from any doctor is not mandatory. However, if there is any such advice, the patient's family or relatives should carry the same at the time of admission. All patients are admitted through the "Emergency" department after an initial examination by our doctors. The patient's relative/escort then fills up the 'Consent Form' for admission, while the patient is administered necessary medical treatment.

Q If my family is accompanying me, where can they stay?

You can keep our staff at the International Patients services departments informed and the necessary hotel accommodation arrangements can be made based on your budget.

Q Who are the personnel who will meet me at my room apart from the doctors and nurse?

Apart from the medical and nursing care providers, the dietician and physiotherapist if medically required and the housekeeping staff who will be cleaning your room

Q What about food choices? Will the kind of food I prefer be made available to me ?

Yes, certainly. We will do our best to prepare and serve you a variety of choices of food as per your preference. However all dietary prescriptions are subject to your doctor's advice and appropriate to your health status. Smoking and alcohol use are forbidden in the hospital premises.
Patient's relatives may get a regular briefing regarding their patient's condition from their treating Consultant. For fixing an appointment with the Consultant, the family members or relatives of the patients are requested to get in touch with the Floor PROs or PROs at the Reception.

Q How many visitors are allowed to visit the patient?

2 visitors at a time

Q Are Children allowed to visit?

Children are allowed only on Sunday evenings

Q From where i will get to know the condition of my patient?

For patients in the ICU, the 'Briefing' time is in between 7.00 am - 8am in the morning and at 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm ) in the evening. 2 Persons are allowed to visit the patient and they can have detailed discussion with the Consultant/Registrar on duty At night between 10.00 pm & 10:30 pm the patient's family is again briefed. For the patients admitted in the Wards, information can be obtained from the treating Consultant and the concerned Medical Officer.

Q Does the hospital has 24x7 emergency services?

Yes, the hospital has 24 x 7 x 365 days 'Emergency Care'.

Q What are the consultant charges?

Specialist Consultation charges in the OPD is Rs.500/- only.
For on call consultation and Sundays the charge is Rs 700/

Q What is day care therapy?

Day Care Chemotherapy is the therapy, a part of treatment where generally the patient is not required to stay in the hospital overnight.

Payment Process :

Q What is the deposit amount?

The Hospital Management, considering the Emergency situation and humanitarian aspect do allow emergency / accident patients to get admitted without any initial deposit money. However, for for General Bed admission the deposit amount is Rs.10,000/- and for Critical Care (ICU) the amount is Rs.20,000/- minimum of 25% of approximate bill whichever is higher

Q Can I claim the medical expenses from my health Insurance Provider?

We work with certain International Insurance providers and the list is available. We will not be able to process/accept any other foreign insurance coverage for cashless (insurance covered) treatment. The insurance coverage provided by the companies on our list is valid only for In patient procedures which needs more than 48 hours of hospitalization and is subject to approval from the insurance providers. At the time of admission a deposit needs to be made at the in-patient billing department, based on your room category. This amount will be refunded once we receive the payment authorization from your insurance provider. In case the insurance is not approved within 48 hours of admission, you're requested to settle the hospital bill and claim a reimbursement from your insurance provider

Q What is the mode of payment?

The mode of payment is only by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Cards (Visa or Master Cards).

Q Is there any discount to patients?

The valued members and managements discretion are entitled to certain percentage of discounts on Bed Charges, OPD Investigations, Medicines etc.

Q Is there any consideration for senior citizen in billing?

Senior Citizen with valid identity entitles to a 10% discount on Bed Charges, 15% on OPD investigations, 10% on OT charges excluding the Surgical Team's fees and OT medicines.

Discharge Process :

Q What are the procedures involved in my discharge? What are the formalities and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?

Your primary consultants will inform the date of your discharge. At the time of discharge your nurse will detail you on the treatment / surgery that you have had and on the medication that you have to take, follow-up requirements if any and finally will hand over all your medical investigation reports/X-ray/MRI/other scan images and medicines.