Our Branch

Choudhary Medical Clinic, 1st Floor, Parekh House, Gandhibagh, Nagpur - 2

Mission, Vision & Values


The mission is embodied in a summary statement which is as follows:

  • To ensure accessible and affordable quality healthcare by compassionate medical professionals to all
  • To provide exemplary care to patients;
  • To develop and test innovations in care, education and research; be the centre of excellence for medical research and academics
  • To support the teaching and research missions of the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • To contribute to the development of a system of health care encompassing primary, secondary, and tertiary care, and not geographically confined to the existing Hospital facility
  • To provide access for needy patients who may not, on account of financial difficulties, be able to afford normal Hospital charges, and to reach out to those who might not otherwise present themselves at the Hospital
  • To develop new services in response to public expectations as resources permit on an economically viable and sustainable basis
  • To cultivate an environment of trust, honesty, mutual respect, equality & ethics

To carry out programmes and assigned missions in a manner that would demonstrate the ability of the institution to attain self-support in a developing nation environment


Our vision is to achieve excellence in everything we do; and thereafter , be recognised as the hospital that provides the best care in the region; the care that is the best to every patient that comes to the hospital, every time We will achieve this. By providing compassionate, ethical, accessible and high Quality care that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of our patients, their families and others whom we serve.

Shree Ramjeevan Choudhary Memorial Hospital will be the preeminent provider of the highest quality healthcare for Nagpur region residents.

  • We will be a regional provider for certain service lines and as an organization, will occupy a niche between traditional community hospital and tertiary medical centers.
  • We will be a both high quality and high service provider and will be known for our timely acquisition of cutting edge technology
  • We will increase in patient capacity to keep pace with our growing region.
  • We will develop over time, SRCMHRC into an integration integral healthcare campus to serve the growing needs of our region.
  • We will continue to expand outpatient service choosing the most convenient location possible.
  • We will recruit and retain highly skilled physician and other providers to help ensure their long term commitment.
  • We will be recognized as community as a community leader. Employees will be encouraged to assume leadership roles in community-based organizations. The Hospital will partner with other worthy organization whose goals are to improve the communities we serve.
  • We will be known as an innovative organization- one that always looking for a better way to provide a service or meet a community needs.
  • We will generate sufficient operating margin to allow it to meet community needs.
  • By providing an outstanding work environment that fosters motivation and commitment in our staff.
  • By enabling leadership in education and research that improves the health of the people in the region.

We Value

We value our Patients first, the core principles of :

  • Quality
  • Relevance
  • Impact
  • Access

We achieve this :

  • By putting their health at the centre of everything we do and we achieve this by listening to their needs
  • By involving them in their treatment
  • By providing them with information they need regarding their conditions
  • By treating every patient as an individual with different needs and expectations
  • By respecting their privacy.

We value our Staff: We achieve this by :

  • Motivating and empowering them
  • Encouraging them to work in teams to achieve a common goal
  • Involving them in planning and improving care in their individual departments
  • We acknowledge the work when done when by our staff
  • We focus on their development.

Core Values. What we believe in:

  • Excellence. We have a continuous thirst for excellence and are always seeking ways to improve the health of those who count on us.
  • Diversity. We embrace diversity in people, thought, experiences and perspectives.
  • Integrity. We have a shared commitment to do what is right.
  • Compassion. We have genuine concern for those in our community and treat them with respect and empathy.
  • Teamwork. We work collaboratively as an integrated team to improve patient care and performance.

Our action tells the world what SRCMHRC is and what we stand for. We act ethically and responsible in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for our behavior. We bring respect, openness and honesty to our encounters with patients, families and coworkers and support the well being of the community we serve.

Our Promise to you

We the employee, physician, volunteers of SRCMHRC are committed to providing each patient with the world class care, exceptional service and compassion that we would want for our loved once. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards that are observable, measurable and apply to all departments and each and every role across our hospital.

In carrying out this mission, we are dedicated to excellence in:

  • Patient Care

    We Are Here for You

    Providing comprehensive, individualized care to every patient who walks through our doors, regardless of ability to pay. Yale-New Haven Hospital does not restrict, limit or otherwise deny care to any patient or visitation privileges on the basis of disability, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Same-sex couples are afforded the same access as different-sex couples and next-of-kin.

    We Are Collaborative

    Taking a multidisciplinary approach and encouraging communication, coordination, and cooperation between all administrators, physicians, surgeons, nurses and healthcare professionals affiliated with our hospital.

    We Are Respectful

    Treating all of our patients with courtesy, compassion and respect, with an unwavering commitment to honor their privacy and religious beliefs.

    We Are Compassionate

    Offering quality, patient- and family-centered care in a comfortable, professional environment designed specifically to facilitate healing.

  • Teaching

    We Are Educators

    Serving as the primary teaching hospital for Yale School of Medicine, we attract the brightest young minds in medicine and educate them for medical leadership in clinical practice, teaching and research.

    We Are a Place to Grow

    Providing training opportunities for nurses and other health professionals, in affiliation with Yale School of Nursing and other universities, colleges and technical schools.

  • Research & Innovation

    We Are Explorers

    Providing support and a setting for the ongoing clinical research that leads to major medical advances and breakthroughs.

    We Are Innovators

    Advancing medicine by developing, testing and introducing leading-edge technologies, techniques, and treatments to the global medical community.

    We Are Pioneers

    Fostering the translation of disease-related discoveries from the laboratory to the treatment room.

  • Community

    We Are Advocates

    Providing public health education and support services that specifically address the healthcare needs of residents of the greater New Haven community.

    We Are Accessible

    Caring for the most Medicaid-covered and uninsured patients in the State.

    We Are Giving

    Organizing and encouraging employees and volunteers to participate in numerous charitable programs and events that benefit people in New Haven and surrounding areas.