Our Branch

Choudhary Medical Clinic, 1st Floor, Parekh House, Gandhibagh, Nagpur - 2

Our Inspiration

Our Hospital made and named in remembrance of my grandfather Late Ramjeevan Choudhary an eminent personality of his time is the source of our inspiration .He lived by his principles of honesty,dedication, simplicity.He served his life for the betterment of the society who's priority in life was solving peoples problems,to make a society where we can live in peace and harmony. He taught us that,we can grow as high we aim for, cross the boundaries of our thoughts and accomplish the things we dream by being humble ,wise ,courteous without hurting others.

He gave us the will and inspiration to achieve our goals even in the most adverse circumstances. Most of the lessons of life given by him are followed by us in our lives. He knew the importance of good health and wanted to serve the poor downtrodden ,which was realised by my father by constructing a hospital and naming in his remembrance.

Today we hope to fullfill not only his dreams but also the vision of our health care perssonels attached to us ,who were instrumental in starting our hospital.As time goes by we try to fullfill the high standards set by us.

One of the most important thing he taught us was to beleive in God. So we pray to almighty that our quest to serve the humanity may be fullfilled to the best of our abilitiies ,with whatever available resourses we have and the dream of our grandfather and the people attached to us to be realised.